IBM introduces plans for green charging app

Friday, October 14, 2011 @ 07:10 AM
posted by rene5432

IBM has announced plans to develop a system to allow consumers to charge electric vehicles with renewable electricity, according to CNET.

The new system hopes to use electric vehicles as a means of accounting for the intermittent nature of certain kinds of green energy like solar and wind power. The app will allow consumers to charge their cars when renewable electricity production is at its highest point.

"Electric vehicles can be used to buffer the irregular production of electricity from future renewable sources, which will contribute to the overall stability of the electrical network," Peter Franken, head of the Energy Distribution department of IBM's Swiss partner EKZ, said in a statement. "With this project we can show how electric vehicles can create a balance between supply and demand for smarter energy grids."

The app functions by allowing customers to compare renewable energy rates to traditional fossil fuel prices and giving them control over when their cars recharge during the day.

Though electric cars still account for a small segment of the American auto market, they are a growing presence and have drawn interest from auto makers. New York Daily News reports that five car companies recently agreed on an industry standard charger for electric vehicle chargers.

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