Massachusetts offers funding for clean energy development

Thursday, September 29, 2011 @ 08:09 AM
posted by rene5432

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center announced on Tuesday, September 27, that it has initiated a fourth round of applications for the organization's clean energy start-up grants.

MassCEC provides crucial funding to early stage clean energy technologies through its popular Catalyst Program that it runs with the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, with grants reaching as high as $40,000.

While these funds might seem minimal compared to some research budgets, these early-stage grants can prove important in moving technologies forward, particularly at some of the state's smaller schools like Boston College.

"External proof of concept funds are important in helping faculty advance projects," Catherine Ives, the director of Boston College's Office for Technology Transfer and Licensing. "Many innovations made with basic research support are immature when disclosed to my office and need to be developed into a comprehensive asset to attract significant capital investment."

The grant funds are limited to work toward commercialization, but often that can prove the most difficult stage to find funding for, since it begins to require more substantial business planning. The technologies applicable for these funds range from traditional options like solar photovoltaic and wind power to wave or hydrogen power.

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