Illinois promotes solar electricity with open house tour

Friday, September 30, 2011 @ 02:09 PM
posted by rene5432

The Illinois Solar Energy Association hopes to dispel some of the concerns about solar electricity with its Fifth Annual Illinois Solar Tour on Saturday, October 1, according to The Chicago Tribune.

The solar tour opens up 54 homes and businesses that have installed solar power systems to illustrate the ease with which they can be integrated and how effectively they can provide both electricity and heat even in a northern state like Illinois.

Illinois has become one of the larger solar markets in the Midwest, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, largely on the backs of utility-scale solar installations. Particularly with the implementation of renewable electricity portfolio standards, renewable electricity has become a reasonable place to invest, but many homeowners in the area are still skeptical.

Barry Slotnick opened up his house to the tour, which boasts both photovoltaic panels and a solar thermal system, because he worried people did not realize how affordable the systems had become with the various available incentives.

"We knew if we built a house like this, it would be our obligation to share what we learned with others," Barry told the Tribune.

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