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The Navajo Nation is expected to receive its first wind farm after a deal was announced recently specifying the construction of the project near Seligman.

A significant solar project in Vermont is now operating after an iPhone signal harnessed 382 solar trackers into a perpendicular position with the sun, according to The Associated Press.

Two schools in Adams County, Ohio, are reportedly utilizing a solar energy initiative that is allowing them to generate enough power to operate more than 1,000 computers in a single year, limiting electric bills in the process.

Wind energy has received a boost in recent months, with more states beginning to see the benefits of the renewable power source.

Wind Capital Group, which is reportedly seeking to construct an 8,300-acre 150-megawatt wind farm in the western part of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, recently signed a contract that will enable it to sell the generated power.

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources recently offered preliminary approval to the Eva Creek wind farm hear the town of Healy, which would reportedly be the largest such farm in the entire state.

Sagle, Iowa-based company Solar Roadways has reportedly secured $750,000 in funding from the federal government to construct a solar parking lot, The Associated Press reports.

Officials with Texas’ Austin Energy said recently that they are close to reaching an agreement to purchase more wind power, which would potentially enable the West Texas region to achieve its renewable energy goals.

Maryland wind farm officially opens - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A wind farm in Garrett County, Maryland, which is expected to produce enough renewable energy to power 23,000 homes in the state as well as in Virginia and Delaware, recently became operational.

The Penn Bar Hotel restaurant, which is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, was recently outfitted with 72 solar panels to help power the facility, according to a release.